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Join us on a journey of mutual respect and unity. Dana Point Sister Cities International is dedicated to advancing cultural exchanges, educational opportunities, and international friendships. Through citizen diplomacy, we’re building bridges that span continents and fostering global connections that make a difference.

Our Sister City:
Sorrento, Italy

Dana Point, California, and Sorrento, Italy, are an ideal sister city match due to their shared coastal beauty, rich maritime heritage, and mutual appreciation for marine life, particularly whales. Both cities are renowned for their stunning coastal landscapes, with Dana Point offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Sorrento captivating visitors with its dramatic cliffs overlooking the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

One significant aspect that binds these cities together is their deep connection to whales. Dana Point is famously known as the “Whale Watching Capital of the West,” attracting thousands of visitors each year to witness the awe-inspiring migration of gray whales along its coastline. The Dana Point Harbor is a hub for whale watching excursions, educational programs, and research initiatives focused on marine conservation, highlighting the city’s commitment to preserving these majestic creatures and their ocean habitat.

Similarly, Sorrento has a long history of seafaring and maritime trade, with whales playing a symbolic and historical role in the city’s culture. Whales were historically revered by ancient seafarers as symbols of strength, wisdom, and protection, and their presence in the waters around Sorrento continues to be a source of fascination and respect.

The shared reverence for whales in Dana Point and Sorrento extends beyond cultural symbolism to a commitment to marine conservation and sustainability. Both cities actively engage in efforts to protect marine ecosystems, promote responsible tourism practices, and raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine biodiversity, including the conservation of whale populations.

By partnering as sister cities, Dana Point and Sorrento can collaborate on initiatives that promote marine conservation, sustainable tourism, and cultural exchange centered around their shared maritime heritage and the significance of whales in their respective communities. This partnership not only strengthens the bonds between the two cities but also contributes to global efforts to protect our oceans and marine life for future generations.

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In 1956, President Eisenhower initiated the “People to People Program” as a conduit for “Greater International Understanding” through “direct, close and abiding communication between cities.” Today, over 900 U.S. cities have established affiliations with cities worldwide. California leads the country with 188 sister cities.


The Dana Point Sister City Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization which endeavors to promote international communication, understanding, education and friendship between the people of Dana Point and the people of foreign cities. We are a member of Sister Cities International, a worldwide organization. These principles are accomplished through the following activities:

As a member, you will be able to learn about new cultures, customs and lifestyles; meet interesting people with mutual interests; travel to our sister cities with other members; participate in association fund-raising events; attend parties and dinners to commemorate foreign holidays; assist in event-planning by volunteering on committees; and share our goals for international unity.

Founder Bob Zasa holds a letter or recognition about the Dana Point Sister Cities which came from County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

Bob Zasa (R), President of Dana Point Sister Cities & Alabama alumnus visits with Zach Voss (L) on the campus of the University of Alabama. Sister Cities raised money to donate a scholarship to the Dana Point Historical Society. Zach, who graduated from Dana Hills High School, got one of those scholarships

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Nestled between San Diego and Los Angeles, Dana Point beckons with its stunning coastal bluffs, rolling hills, and vibrant community. Explore a city rich in history, natural beauty, and endless ocean adventures. Embrace the allure of Dana Point as we celebrate local traditions and global connections.

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